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¿Cómo estás? With DictZone's online Spanish-Hungarian and Hungarian-Spanish dictionary, you're sure to find the answer to this! Are you interested in finding the Hungarian meaning of a Spanish word or phrase? You're in the right place; you can find it here in our collection of nearly 80,000 words! In this description, we'll show you how to use it and help you navigate among the numerous additional features.

How Does DictZone's Spanish-Hungarian Dictionary Work?

You should enter the word you're interested in into the search field at the top of the page, where you'll see dictionary suggestions as you type. Next to them, the ES or EN icon indicates in which language the translation is available.

By clicking on the item you're interested in, you'll reach the word's Spanish data page, where you can see its translations into Hungarian. The translations are grouped by grammatical category, and at the end of the row, if we have information, we indicate the translation frequency for that pair of meanings.

You can change the search direction by clicking on the button in front of the search field. Although the dictionary tries to provide results in the opposite direction from Hungarian to Spanish, we recommend selecting the appropriate direction for more accurate results.

In the list of results, by clicking on the small downward arrow next to the word, a local word menu appears where you can send us a new translation, modify an existing one, or mark one for deletion.

Whichever you choose, be sure to provide the expression you consider correct, briefly explain it, or include a link to the source, and enter your email address so we can notify you of the result.

The sound icons before the words allow you to listen to the pronunciation in Spanish of each item, and no additional player is needed. Of course, you'll also find this icon before Hungarian expressions, so you can listen to the pronunciation in Hungarian. This feature is useful if you're just starting to learn Hungarian.

Beneath the precise translations, you'll find related terms; here, we've selected phrases or word combinations related to your search.

Additional Features of the Spanish-Hungarian Translator

The Spanish-Hungarian translator also has several additional features. At the bottom of each word's page, you'll find links to Google, Wikipedia, or Wiktionary, where the expression you're looking for will automatically appear as a result.

This is useful when you want to search for occurrences of a specific word or access a related Wikipedia article.

On the right side of the page, you'll find a sidebar with the top reserved for your search history. This can be especially useful when performing searches for longer texts and you forget the translation you found earlier. Simply click on the Spanish-Hungarian dictionary search history, and you'll see the desired translation again.

Why Spanish?

Learning Spanish is useful and enjoyable, and you can make yourself understood anywhere in the world, as it's the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and Hungarian, with 400 million speakers! Spanish has many interesting quirks, such as the fact that question and exclamation marks are placed at the beginning of the sentence and upside down (¡like this!) in Spanish grammar. This is done so that from the very beginning, you can tell if a sentence is interrogative, exclamatory, or declarative, as word order in Spanish is quite free, and often only intonation indicates the type of sentence.

If you want to delve even deeper into the mysteries of this language and enjoy additional curiosities, DictZone's blog is at your disposal. There you can find, for example, 18 interesting facts about the Spanish language or immerse yourself in the ragamuffin music style.

For those learning a foreign language, DictZone offers more than just an average online dictionary or translation program. DictZone is available in several other languages (French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, German) and allows you to learn on your own, improve your skills, and have fun. Plus, we're interested in your suggestions; you can contribute to the development of this tool!

Challenge yourself and enjoy the unique language experiences DictZone offers.

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