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Welcome! You've come to the right place. This is a large online dictionary collection.

In addition to the most popular English-Hungarian, English-German, English-French, and English-Latin dictionaries, you will find over 90 language dictionaries and translators on the website.

The dictionary is free to use.

You can use this online dictionary on the internet: search among the online translator expressions or use the free dictionary extension in your web browser.

It is voice dictionary.

In the DictZone dictionary, you can listen to the correct pronunciation of words for several language pairs. For example, there is a German-English voice dictionary. Click on the speaker icon next to the words and listen to the pronunciation!

Are you looking for a sentence translator?

In the DictZone dictionary, you will also find example sentences for frequently used languages. Check out the example sentences related to the expression or enter the sentence to be translated into the search box!

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