DictZone Dictionary Development History

Responsive web design


Fix 'play pronunciation' bug. Thanks to Maria Kovacs


Downloadable offline German-Hungarian dictionary (Samsung Bada). Thanks to Zsolt Prievara


Redesign graphic elements. Thanks to Zsolt Prievara


Automatic detection off unnaccents


Improve German-Hungarian dictionary. Thanks to Gergely Mindler


Fix Hungarian names. Thanks to Ácsné V. Rita


Improved did you mean performance, and decrease memory usage


Fix some search issues


Fix some search issues with unaccented search. Thanks to Ácsné V. Rita


New sound player algo


New picture handling


Improved search performance by ~2%


Improved search performance by ~10%


Fixed sort of result list when unaccent enabled


IPA in the Engilsh-Hungarian dictionary


Longer result list


Change lang with flags. Thanks to Gergely Bódi


Reverse function. Thanks to János Párkányi


Roman translation. Thanks to Lázár Dániel


Fixed pagination.


Fixed scroll box in "extars". Thanks to Györgyi Végh


Romanian lang info. Thanks to András Gancz


new Slovakian translation. Thanks for Tibor Németh


new english speaker (British) + some optimizations


new dicts, german translation


OpenSearch browser extensions


Fixed search problems (with %)


Dictionary on your site


Search speed improved.

(2009.03.27 )

Fixed headers in Gypsy-Hungarian dictionary (Köbli Ferenc).


Improved German-Hungarian dictionary (Földing Gyöngyi).


Fixed: problem with flash ver 10, French sounds.


New dictionaries: Swedish-Hungarian, Spanish-Hungarian. Improved French-Hungarian dictionary.


Fixed problem when search without JS.


Many changes + some new Hungarian dictionary.


Fixed layout problem under Opera 8.x


Improved French-Hungarian dict. Step 2. (Sounds)


Fixed ' (apos) search problems


Search: 'ignore accents' (Suggested by Kati)


Improved French-Hungarian dict. Step 1. (Suggested by Anna Toth)


Fixed virtual keyboard problems


New menu: FAQ


Fixed character problems in Svedish (reported by Kati)


Select search field on focus. (suggested by Kati)


Fixed search with accent, when Javascipt is disabled.


Fixed history problem (reported by HSLaszlo)


Russian sounds


Fixed new design in Firefox 2.0.02.


New design.


New feature: "did you mean". Based on SDr ideas.


Problems with flash detection fixed.


Move to new server finished.


Download sounds in mp3 if no flash installed.


Trimming search phrases. Thanks to SDr for reporting.


Fixed crazy subpages error.


Improved "virtual keyboard" (char insertion). Based on SDr ideas.


Fixed problem with Arabic-English dictionary (index problem).


Fixed problem with document root redirects by lang.


Design for lower resolutions.


Fixed sound problem


Some performance improvements.


Fixed search problem, when javascript disabled.


DictZone has started.