Hungarian-English dictionary » kellemes meaning in English

kellemes melléknév

nice◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: naɪs] [US: ˈnaɪs]

pleasant◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈpleznt] [US: ˈple.zənt]

agreeable (pleasant)◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ə.ˈɡriːəb.l̩] [US: ə.ˈɡriːəb.l̩]

comfortable◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈkʌmf.təb.l̩] [US: ˈkʌm.fər.təb.l̩]

fine◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: faɪn] [US: ˈfaɪn]

pleasing◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈpliːz.ɪŋ] [US: ˈpliːz.ɪŋ.tən]

sweet◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: swiːt] [US: ˈswiːt]

acceptable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ək.ˈsep.təb.l̩] [US: æk.ˈsep.təb.l̩]

affable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈæ.fəb.l̩] [US: ˈæ.fəb.l̩]

attractive◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ə.ˈtræk.tɪv] [US: ə.ˈtræk.tɪv]

benign◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: bə.ˈnaɪn] [US: bə.ˈnaɪn]

comely◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈkʌ] [US: ˈkʌ]

congenial◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: kən.ˈdʒiː.nɪəl] [US: kən.ˈdʒiː.njəl]

cozy◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈkəʊ.zi] [US: ˈkoʊ.zi]

engaging◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ɪn.ˈɡeɪdʒ.ɪŋ] [US: en.ˈɡeɪdʒ.ɪŋ]

enjoyable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ɪn.ˈdʒɔɪ.əb.l̩] [US: ɪn.ˈdʒɔɪ.əb.l̩]

genial◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈdʒiː.nɪəl] [US: ˈdʒiː.njəl]

glad◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ɡlæd] [US: ˈɡlæd]

graceful◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈɡreɪ.sfəl] [US: ˈɡreɪ.sfəl]

grateful◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈɡreɪt.fəl] [US: ˈɡreɪt.fəl]

merry◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈme.ri] [US: ˈme.ri]

palatable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈpæ.lə.təb.l̩] [US: ˈpæ.lə.təb.l̩]

pleasant-looking◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈpleznt ˈlʊkɪŋ] [US: ˈple.zənt ˈlʊkɪŋ]

pleasurable◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈple.ʒə.rəb.l̩] [US: ˈple.ʒə.rəb.l̩]

snug◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: snʌɡ] [US: ˈsnəɡ]

soft◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: sɒft] [US: ˈsɑːft]

suave◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: swɑːv] [US: ˈswɑːv]

welcome◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈwelkəm] [US: ˈwelkəm]

agreable adjective
[UK: əˈgriːəbl ] [US: əˈgrɪəbl ]

agreeableness adjective
[UK: ə.ˈɡriːəbl.nəs] [US: ə.ˈɡriːəbl.nəs]

aspectable adjective
[UK: ˈæspɛktəbl ] [US: ˈæˌspɛktəbl ]

bland adjective
[UK: blænd] [US: ˈblænd]

boon adjective
[UK: buːn] [US: ˈbuːn]

comfy adjective
[UK: ˈkʌ] [US: ˈkʌ]

cosey adjective
[UK: ˈkozi] [US: ˈkozi]

cushy adjective
[UK: ˈkʊ.ʃi] [US: ˈkʊ.ʃi]

delectable adjective
[UK: dɪ.ˈlek.təb.l̩] [US: də.ˈlek.təb.l̩]

gainly adjective
[UK: ɡeɪ] [US: ɡeɪ]

goodliness adjective
[UK: ˈgʊdlɪnəs ] [US: ˈgʊdlɪnəs ]

gracious adjective
[UK: ˈɡreɪ.ʃəs] [US: ˈɡreɪ.ʃəs]


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