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Italian-Hungarian dictionary – Meaning pairs, phrases, and example sentences: 53,176

The DictZone Italian-Hungarian dictionary has more than 50,000 pairs of meanings, example sentences, and synonyms, and is one of the most widely used Italian dictionaries among Hungarian-speaking users.

If you are learning the Italian language or want to better understand this fascinating language, you are in the right place. Our online dictionary helps you explore the Italian language in an interactive and exciting way. This introduction shows how you can make the most of the dictionary to improve your language skills.

How Does the DictZone Italian-Hungarian Dictionary Work?

You need to enter the word you are interested in into the search field at the top of the page, where you can see suggestions offered by the dictionary as you type. The IT or HU icon next to them indicates the language in which the translation is available.

You can change the direction of the search by pressing the button in front of the search field. While the dictionary tries to provide results in the opposite direction from Italian to Hungarian, for more accurate results, we recommend selecting the appropriate direction when searching.

The translations are grouped by parts of speech, and at the end of the line, if we have data on it, we indicate the translation frequency for that pair of meanings.

Also an Italian-Hungarian Translator

Enter the Italian sentence you want to translate, and the Hungarian translation will appear.

Not Just for Beginner Language Learners

We have made our dictionary available to everyone, from beginners to advanced language learners. Whether you are just getting to know the Italian language or already have a good knowledge of it, you will find our tool useful. Our extensive collection of words and expressions helps expand your vocabulary and better understand the Italian language.

Pronunciation Guide:

One of the special features of our dictionary is the ability to listen to the pronunciation of Italian words. Just click on the speaker icon next to a word, and you can listen to the Italian or Hungarian pronunciation of the word or expression. This feature is particularly useful for perfecting pronunciation and getting an authentic understanding of the Italian language's sound.

Expanding Your Vocabulary:

With our dictionary, you can explore the vocabulary of the Italian language. You can search for specific words or common expressions. In addition, we provide the option for two-way search: from Italian to Hungarian and from Hungarian to Italian.

User Contributions:

We love supporting language learning and believe in sharing knowledge. We welcome user contributions. If you have suggestions, corrections, or new words to add to our dictionary, we encourage you to send them to us. Together, we can create an even more comprehensive and useful resource for Italian language enthusiasts.

Expanding Knowledge and Having Fun:

Why wait any longer? Start exploring our online Italian-Hungarian dictionary and dive into the exciting world of the Italian language. We are here to help you achieve your language goals and improve your language skills. Happy learning!

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