Hungarian-English dictionary » spicces meaning in English

spicces melléknév

squiffy◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈskwɪ.fi] [US: ˈskwɪ.fi]

tight◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: taɪt] [US: ˈtaɪt]

be lit up adjective
[UK: bi lɪt ʌp] [US: bi ˈlɪt ʌp]

be merry adjective
[UK: bi ˈme.ri] [US: bi ˈme.ri]

drunk adjective
[UK: drʌŋk] [US: ˈdrəŋk]

elated adjective
[UK: ɪ.ˈleɪ.tɪd] [US: ə.ˈleɪ.təd]

festive adjective
[UK: ˈfe.stɪv] [US: ˈfe.stɪv]

fuzzy adjective
[UK: ˈfʌ.zi] [US: ˈfʌ.zi]

jaggy adjective
[UK: ˈdʒæ.ɡi] [US: ˈdʒæ.ɡi]

jolly adjective
[UK: ˈdʒɒ.li] [US: ˈdʒɑː.li]

mellow adjective
[UK: ˈme.ləʊ] [US: ˈmelo.ʊ]

merry adjective
[UK: ˈme.ri] [US: ˈme.ri]

pickled adjective
[UK: ˈpɪk.l̩d] [US: ˈpɪk.l̩d]

pixilated adjective
[UK: ˈpɪk.sɪ.leɪ.tɪd] [US: ˈpɪk.sɪ.leɪ.tɪd]

sprung adjective
[UK: sprʌŋ] [US: ˈsprəŋ]

squiffed adjective
[UK: skwɪft] [US: skwɪft]

spicces melléknév

spiflicated adjective
[UK: spˈɪflɪkˌeɪtɪd] [US: spˈɪflᵻkˌeɪɾᵻd]


tipsification[UK: tˌɪpsɪfɪkˈeɪʃən] [US: tˌɪpsɪfɪkˈeɪʃən]

spiccessé tesz ige

tipsify verb
[UK: tˈɪpsɪfˌaɪ] [US: tˈɪpsᵻfˌaɪ]

kissé spicces

a bit on[UK: ə bɪt ɒn] [US: ə ˈbɪt ɑːn]

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