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wild meaning in Latin

wild (of plants/other natural products) adjective

agrius [agria, agrium] adjective

wild adjective

erraticus [erratica, erraticum] adjective

vesanus [vesana, vesanum] adjective

wild, bold adjective

ferox [(gen.), ferocis] adjective

wild, frightful, rough, bristly, standing on end, unkempt adjective

horridus [horrida, horridum] adjective

wild, savage adjective

ferus [fera, ferum] adjective

wild, savage, bestial, fierce, raging adjective

efferatus [efferata -um, efferatior -or -us, efferatissimus -a -um] adjective

wild, savage, fierce adjective

trux [(gen.), trucis] adjective

wild, untamed adjective

silvester [silvestris, silvestre] adjective

silvestris [silvestris, silvestre] adjective

wild animal in Ethiopia noun

catoblepas [catoblepae] noun

wild animal of Ethiopia noun

corcotta [corcottae] noun
(1st) M

crocotta [crocottae] noun
(1st) M

crocuta [crocutae] noun
(1st) M

wild asparagus noun

acanthillis [acanthillidis] noun
(3rd) F

conruda [conrudae] noun
(1st) F

corruda [corrudae] noun
(1st) F

wild ass noun

onager [onagri] noun
(2nd) M

wild basil (Calamintha clinopodium) noun

cleopiceton [cleopiceti] noun

clinopodium [clinopodi(i)] noun
(2nd) N

wild beast of the North noun

achlis [achlis] noun
(3rd) F

wild beast/animal noun

fera [ferae] noun
(1st) F

ferus [feri] noun
(2nd) C

wild beast/animal, beast of prey in arena noun

bestia [bestiae] noun
(1st) F

wild boar noun

verres [verris] noun
(3rd) M

verris [verris] noun
(3rd) M

wild-briar noun

cynosbatos [cynosbati] noun

cynospastos [cynospasti] noun

wild bull/ox (Vulgate) noun

oryx [orygis] noun
(3rd) M

wild cat noun

cattus [catti] noun
(2nd) M

catus [cati] noun
(2nd) M

wild celery noun

apium [api(i)] noun
(2nd) N

wild cucumber noun

bubalion [bubalii] noun

wild endive noun

ambubaia [ambubaiae] noun
(1st) F

ambubeia [ambubeiae] noun
(1st) F

wild fig tree noun

caprificus [caprifici] noun
(2nd) F

caprificus [caprificus] noun
(4th) F

wild goat (Douay/KJames) noun

hibix [hibicis] noun
(3rd) M

wild goat (L+S) noun

oryx [orygis] noun
(3rd) M

wild goat (poet. for sign of zodiac - Capricorn) noun

aegoceros [aegocerotis] noun
(3rd) M