Hungarian-English dictionary » segít vknek meaning in English

segít vknek

be of assistance to somebody[UK: bi əv ə.ˈsɪ.stəns tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: bi əv ə.ˈsɪ.stəns ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

bear somebody a hand[UK: beə(r) ˈsʌm.bə.di ə hænd] [US: ˈber ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə ˈhænd]

do somebody a good turn[UK: duː ˈsʌm.bə.di ə ɡʊd tɜːn] [US: ˈduː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə ˈɡʊd ˈtɝːn]

give a helping hand to somebody[UK: ɡɪv ə ˈhelp.ɪŋ hænd tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈɡɪv ə ˈhelp.ɪŋ ˈhænd ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

give a knee to somebody[UK: ɡɪv ə niː tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈɡɪv ə ˈniː ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

give somebody a hand[UK: ɡɪv ˈsʌm.bə.di ə hænd] [US: ˈɡɪv ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə ˈhænd]

keep somebody in countenance[UK: kiːp ˈsʌm.bə.di ɪn ˈkaʊn.tɪ.nəns] [US: ˈkiːp ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ɪn ˈkaʊn.tə.nəns]

lend somebody a hand[UK: lend ˈsʌm.bə.di ə hænd] [US: ˈlend ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə ˈhænd]

segít vknek a játékban

play booty with somebody[UK: ˈpleɪ ˈbuː.ti wɪð ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈpleɪ ˈbuː.ti wɪθ ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

segít vknek boldogulni

give somebody a leg up[UK: ɡɪv ˈsʌm.bə.di ə leɡ ʌp] [US: ˈɡɪv ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə ˈleɡ ʌp]

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