Hungarian-English dictionary » jelez vknek meaning in English

jelez vknek

make a sign to somebody[UK: ˈmeɪk ə saɪn tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈmeɪk ə ˈsaɪn ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

make signs to somebody[UK: ˈmeɪk saɪnz tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈmeɪk ˈsaɪnz ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

hunyorítással jelez vknek

tip somebody the wink[UK: ˈtɪp ˈsʌm.bə.di ðə wɪŋk] [US: ˈtɪp ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ðə ˈwɪŋk]

megállást jelez vknek

signal to somebody to stop[UK: ˈsɪɡ.nəl tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di tuː stɒp] [US: ˈsɪɡ.nəl ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ˈtuː ˈstɑːp]

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