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watch meaning in Latin


adinspecto [adinspectare, adinspectavi, adinspectatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

conspicio [conspicere, conspexi, conspectus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

vigilo [vigilare, vigilavi, vigilatus] verb

statio [stationis] noun
(3rd) F

watch, observe verb

adservo [adservare, adservavi, adservatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

observo [observare, observavi, observatus] verb

speculor [speculari, speculatus sum] verb
(1st) DEP

watch (fourth part of the night), vigil, wakefulness noun

vigilia [vigiliae] noun
(1st) F

watch (over) diligently verb

invigilo [invigilare, invigilavi, invigilatus] verb
(1st) DAT

watch by/over verb

advigilo [advigilare, advigilavi, advigilatus] verb

watch carefully verb

observito [observitare, observitavi, observitatus] verb

watch for, provide for, look out for verb

prospicio [prospicere, prospexi, prospectus] verb

watch over verb

adsideo [adsidere, adsedi, adsessus] verb

assideo [assidere, assedi, assessus] verb

inviso [invisere, invisi, invisus] verb

servo [servare, additional, forms] verb

servo [servare, servavi, servatus] verb

watch over/carefully, guard, protect verb

concustodio [concustodire, concustodivi, concustoditus] verb
(4th) TRANS

watch throughout the night verb

evigilo [evigilare, evigilavi, evigilatus] verb

watch tower, raised structure/high place for it noun

specula [speculae] noun
(1st) F

watch. guard, care (L+S) noun

custodela [custodelae] noun
(1st) F

watch/guard house noun

custodiarium [custodiarii] noun
(2nd) N

watch/look at/scan verb

conviso [convisere, convisi, convisus] verb
(3rd) TRANS

watch/observe verb

asservo [asservare, asservavi, asservatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

watcher noun

circumspector [circumspectoris] noun
(3rd) M

watcher, observer noun

servator [servatoris] noun
(3rd) M

watchful adjective

vigilax [(gen.), vigilacis] adjective

vigil [(gen.), vigilis] adjective

vigilabilis [vigilabilis, vigilabile] adjective

watchful, vigilant, alert adjective

vigilans [vigilantis (gen.), vigilantior -or -us, vigilantissimus -a -um] adjective

watchfully adverb

perspicace adverb

watching, lurking for adjective

aucupabundus [aucupabunda, aucupabundum] adjective

watching, on the watch adjective

speculabundus [speculabunda, speculabundum] adjective

watching (L+S) noun

conspicillum [conspicilli] noun
(2nd) N

conspicillium [conspicillii] noun
(2nd) N

watching (pl.) noun

excubia [excubiae] noun
(1st) F

watching (shows/entertainment) noun

speculatio [speculationis] noun
(3rd) F

watchmaker noun

horologiarius [horologiarii] noun
(2nd) M

watchman noun

circumspector [circumspectoris] noun
(3rd) M

excubitor [excubitoris] noun
(3rd) M


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