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devoted meaning in Latin

devoted adjective

conciliatus [conciliata -um, conciliatior -or -us, conciliatissimus -a -um] adjective

dedicatus [dedicata -um, dedicatior -or -us, dedicatissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted, greatly attached to (L+S) adjective

devinctus [devincta -um, devinctior -or -us, devinctissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted, zealously attached, faithful adjective

devotus [devota -um, devotior -or -us, devotissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted (to) adjective

adplicatus [adplicata, adplicatum] adjective

applicatus [applicata, applicatum] adjective

devoted to, fond of adjective

studiosus [studiosa -um, studiosior -or -us, studiosissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted/addicted (to) adjective

addictus [addicta -um, addictior -or -us, addictissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted/attached to, fond of adjective

deditus [dedita -um, deditior -or -us, deditissimus -a -um] adjective

devoted/directed/given over (to) (activity) adjective

deditus [dedita -um, deditior -or -us, deditissimus -a -um] adjective

devotedly, faithfully adverb

devote [devotius, devotissime] adverb

(disparaging) devoted to meetings adjective

concionalis [concionalis, concionale] adjective

concionarius [concionaria, concionarium] adjective

contionalis [contionalis, contionale] adjective

contionarius [contionaria, contionarium] adjective

attentive, fond (of), devoted (to) adjective

diligens [diligentis (gen.), diligentior -or -us, diligentissimus -a -um] adjective

concerned with or devoted to pleasure adjective

voluptarius [voluptaria, voluptarium] adjective

faithful/loyal/devoted adjective

fidelis [fidele, fidelior -or -us, fidelissimus -a -um] adjective

of/living in shade, devoted to sheltered/unpractical pursuit/retirement/leisure adjective

umbraticus [umbratica, umbraticum] adjective

of/sacred to/devoted to Venus, Roman goddess of love adjective

Veneri [(gen.), Veneriis] adjective

one devoted/dedicated to a monastery noun

donatus [donati] noun
(2nd) M

pertaining/devoted to religious/sacred rite/ritual/usage adjective

caerimoniosus [caerimoniosa, caerimoniosum] adjective

ceremoniosus [ceremoniosa, ceremoniosum] adjective

cerimoniosus [cerimoniosa, cerimoniosum] adjective

presbyter (female), widow/matron devoted to church service (order) noun

presbyterissa [presbyterissae] noun
(1st) F

supporting (political), loyal, devoted adjective

amicus [amica -um, amicior -or -us, amicissimus -a -um] adjective

take care of, look after, pay attention/be devoted to verb

inservio [inservire, inservivi, inservitus] verb
(4th) DAT

well-wishing, kind, benevolent, friendly, devoted adjective

benevolus [benevola, benevolum] adjective

benivolus [benivola, benivolum] adjective

|affectionate, tender, devoted, loyal (to family) adjective

pius [pia -um, -, piissimus -a -um] adjective

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