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cave meaning in Latin

cave noun

antrum [antri] noun
(2nd) N

spelunca [speluncae] noun
(1st) F

cave, abyss, chasm noun

specus [specus] noun
(4th) X

cave, burrow noun

cavum [cavi] noun
(2nd) N

cavus [cavi] noun
(2nd) M

cave, den noun

spelaeum [spelaei] noun
(2nd) N

cavefacio PASS verb

cavefio [caveferi, cavefactus sum] verb

cavern noun

antrum [antri] noun
(2nd) N

cavern, hollow noun

cavamen [cavaminis] noun
(3rd) N

cavatio [cavationis] noun
(3rd) F

cavern where natron (native sesquicarbonate of soda/alkali) is distilling/drips noun

colyx [colycos/is] noun

concave adjective

cavus [cava, cavum] adjective

convexus [convexa, convexum] adjective

concave/curving inward adjective

concavus [concava, concavum] adjective

forming a cave adjective

cavatus [cavata -um, cavatior -or -us, cavatissimus -a -um] adjective

full of/abounding in caves/burrows (L+S) adjective

cuniculosus [cuniculosa, cuniculosum] adjective

hollow out, make concave/hollow verb

cavo [cavare, cavavi, cavatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

hollow/grotto/cavern/cave/crevice/hole noun

caverna [cavernae] noun
(1st) F

kept in a cave/cellar adjective

cavealis [cavealis, caveale] adjective

of/belonging to/born in/living in caves adjective

cavaticus [cavatica, cavaticum] adjective

person from Adullam (in Judea, famous for refuge caves) noun

Odollames [Odollamitis] noun
(3rd) M

place/cave for gathering natron (native sesquicarbonate of soda from dripping) noun

colliga [colligae] noun
(1st) F

spelunker, cave explorer noun

spelaeologus [spelaeologi] noun
(2nd) M

through caverns adverb

cavernatim adverb

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