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bad meaning in Latin

bad adjective

pravus [prava, pravum] adjective

bad, evil, wicked adjective

malus [mala -um, pejor -or -us, -] adjective

bad, worse, less adverb

deterius [deterrime] adverb

bad blood noun

ira [irae] noun
(1st) F

bad breath noun

anhelitus [anhelitus] noun
(4th) M

bad cold (L+S) noun

perfrictio [perfrictionis] noun
(3rd) F

bad condition noun

pravitas [pravitatis] noun
(3rd) F

bad imitator/imitation of adjective

cacozelus [cacozela, cacozelum] adjective

bad Latin noun

illatinismus [illatinismi] noun
(2nd) M

bad Latin-writing adjective

illatinus [illatina, illatinum] adjective

bad omens, presages of evil noun

dira [dirae] noun
(1st) F

bad swelling/ulcer (L+S) noun

cerium [cerii] noun
(2nd) N

bad taste noun

cacozelia [cacozeliae] noun
(1st) F

bad-weather-covering noun

segestra [segestrae] noun
(1st) F

segestre [segestris] noun
(3rd) N

bad/faulty/awkward imitation (L+S) noun

cacozelia [cacozeliae] noun
(1st) F

bad/foul smell, stink noun

faetor [faetoris] noun
(3rd) M

fetor [fetoris] noun
(3rd) M

foetor [foetoris] noun
(3rd) M

bad/vile adjective

nequam [undeclined] adjective

bad/wicked man noun

apostata [apostatae] noun
(1st) M

badly adverb

nequiter adverb

badly, harmfully adverb

inutiliter [inutilius, inutilissime] adverb

badly, ill, wrongly, wickedly, unfortunately adverb

male [pejus, pessime] adverb

badly equipped adjective

semermis [semermis, semerme] adjective

semermus [semerma, semermum] adjective

semiermis [semiermis, semierme] adjective

semiermus [semierma, semiermum] adjective

act badly/wickedly (Ecc) verb

maligno [malignare, malignavi, malignatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

malignor [malignari, malignatus sum] verb
(1st) DEP

announced bad omen noun

obnuntiatio [obnuntiationis] noun
(3rd) F

arise, break out (bad) verb

coorior [cooriri, coortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

corior [coriri, cortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

avert (something bad), ward off verb

averrunco [averruncare, averruncavi, averruncatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

be crooked/bad/vicious/evil/corrupt verb

pravo [pravare, pravavi, pravatus] verb

be dim-sighted, see badly, be almost blind verb

caeculto [caecultare, caecultavi, caecultatus] verb

beat/cudgel badly verb

dedolo [dedolare, dedolavi, dedolatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

become worthless/bad/vile verb

vilesco [vilescere, vilui, -] verb

defamed/maligned (Bee), given a bad name adjective

diffamatus [diffamata -um, diffamatior -or -us, diffamatissimus -a -um] adjective

ensign, honor, badge of honor noun

insigne [insignis] noun
(3rd) N


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