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blunder meaning in French

blunder [blunders] (mistake)
[UK: ˈblʌn.də(r)]
[US: ˈblʌn.dər]

bourde◼◼◼nom {f}What a blunder! = Quelle bourde !

maladresse◼◼◼nom {f}

faux pas◼◻◻nom {m}

[colloquial] gaffenom {f}

[colloquial] impairnom {m}

blunder [blundered, blundering, blunders] (To make a stupid mistake)
[UK: ˈblʌn.də(r)]
[US: ˈblʌn.dər]

gaffer◼◼◼verbeThe boss called him out for his blunders. = Le patron l'a critiqué pour ses gaffes.

fauter◼◼◻verbeHe was guilty of a blunder. = Il s'était rendu coupable d'une faute.

faire une gaffe◼◻◻verbe

se tromper◼◻◻verbe

se planter [familiar]verbe

blunderbuss [blunderbusses] (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle)
[UK: ˈblʌn.də.bʌs]
[US: ˈblʌn.də.bʌs]

tromblon◼◼◼nom {m}

espingole◼◻◻nom {f}