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záróvonal főnév

close noun
[UK: kləʊz] [US: kloʊz]

continuous white line noun
[UK: kən.ˈtɪ.njʊəs waɪt laɪn] [US: kən.ˈtɪ.njuːəs ˈwaɪt ˈlaɪn]

dividing line noun
[UK: dɪ.ˈvaɪd.ɪŋ laɪn] [US: dɪ.ˈvaɪd.ɪŋ ˈlaɪn]

double bar noun
[UK: ˈdʌb.l̩ bɑː(r)] [US: ˈdʌb.l̩ ˈbɑːr]

double white line noun
[UK: ˈdʌb.l̩ waɪt laɪn] [US: ˈdʌb.l̩ ˈwaɪt ˈlaɪn]

period double bar noun
[UK: ˈpɪə.rɪəd ˈdʌb.l̩ bɑː(r)] [US: ˈpɪ.riəd ˈdʌb.l̩ ˈbɑːr]

solid white line noun
[UK: ˈsɒ.lɪd waɪt laɪn] [US: ˈsɑː.ləd ˈwaɪt ˈlaɪn]

záróvonal főnév

centre line noun
[UK: ˈsen.tə(r) laɪn] [US: ˈsen.tər ˈlaɪn]

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