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ventus meaning in English

ventus [venti] noun
(2nd) M

wind noun

venio [venire, veni, ventus] verb

come verb

adinvenio [adinvenire, adinveni, adinventus] verb
(4th) TRANS

devise/invent/find out (in addition/intensive) verb

adventus [adventus] noun
(4th) M

arrival, approach noun

invasion, incursion noun

ripening noun

visit, appearance, advent noun

advenio [advenire, adveni, adventus] verb

arrive at, reach, be brought verb

come to, arrive verb

develop, set in, arise verb

antevenio [antevenire, anteveni, anteventus] verb

anticipate, forestall verb

come/go/arrive/act before, get in front of verb

surpass verb

circumvenio [circumvenire, circumveni, circumventus] verb
(4th) TRANS

assail, beset verb

circumvent verb

defraud/trick verb

encircle, surround verb

enclose verb

surpass verb

contravenio [contravenire, contraveni, contraventus] verb

oppose verb

conventus [conventus] noun
(4th) M

agreement, covenant noun

assembly, people in assembly noun

coming together noun

conjunction (astrology) noun

convention (Ecc) noun

conventus noun

provincial court, "assize" noun

religious community noun

Roman district noun

convenio [convenire, conveni, conventus] verb

be agreed upon/arranged (PASS) verb

be appropriate to, fit, be correctly shaped/consistent verb

come together verb

convenio verb

converge verb

go to meet verb

harmonize, agree, tally verb

have sex verb

sue, prosecute, take legal action verb

visit/approach verb

convenit [convenire, convenit, conventus est] verb
(4th) IMPERS

it agrees/came together/is agreed/asserted verb