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consisto meaning in English

consisto [consistere, constiti, constitus] verb

be established verb

be unaltered verb

consist of/be reckoned in verb

correspond to verb

fall due (tax) verb

pause, linger verb

remain valid/applicable verb

rest/depend upon verb

stay, remain (fixed), stand still/erect/upright verb

stop spreading/flowing verb

stop/stand/halt/cease verb

take a position verb

|stand together/fast verb

||make a stand verb

|||come about, exist verb

consistorialis [consistorialis, consistoriale] adjective

consistorial, by/pertaining to a consistory/(ecclesiastical) assembly/court adjective

consistorianus [consistoriana, consistorianum] adjective

of (ecclesiastical) assembly/court adjective

of/pertaining to the emperor's cabinet adjective

consistorianus [consistoriani] noun
(2nd) M

assessor, aid in council noun

in emperor's council noun

consistorium [consistorii] noun
(2nd) N

(place of) the emperor's council noun

Cardinals presided over by Pope noun

earth noun

place of assembly/where servants wait noun

|consistory, (ecclesiastical) assembly/court noun

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