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citra meaning in English

citra adverb

nearer adverb

on this/near side of, towards adverb

short of the mark/amount/degree adverb

citra preposition

before preposition

below, less than preposition

on this/near side of, short of preposition

without regard to preposition

citrago [citraginis] noun
(3rd) F

citrus plant noun

lemon balm noun

citrarius [citrari(i)] noun
(2nd) M

dealer in lemons (L+S) noun

dealer/maker of articles of citron-wood noun

citratus [citrata, citratum] adjective

situated on near side adjective

steeped in citrus oil (L+S) adjective

treated with citron (tree) oil adjective

calcitratus [calcitratus] noun
(4th) M

kicking with heels noun

culcitra [culcitrae] noun
(1st) F

eye patch noun

stuffed (feathers/wool/hair) mattress/pillow/cushion for a bed/couch noun

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