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cillo meaning in English

cillo [cillere, -, -] verb
(3rd) TRANS

move, put in motion verb

cillo [cillonis] noun
(3rd) M

catamite, pathic noun

one who practices unnatural lust, sodomite noun

ancillor [ancillari, ancillatus sum] verb
(1st) DEP

act as handmaid, wait on, serve hand and foot verb

be subservient/at beck and call verb

focillo [focillare, focillavi, focillatus] verb

warm up, refresh by warmth verb

furcillo [furcillare, furcillavi, furcillatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

support verb

refocillo [refocillare, refocillavi, refocillatus] verb
(1st) TRANS

relieve (Ecc) verb

revive, revivify verb

warm to life again verb

vacillo [vacillare, vacillavi, vacillatus] verb

be in a weak condition verb

stagger, totter verb

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