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astrum meaning in English

astrum [astri] noun
(2nd) N

sky, heaven noun

star, heavenly body, planet/sun/moon noun

the stars, constellation noun

alabastrum [alabastri] noun
(2nd) N

antimony noun

conical box for perfume (made of alabaster) noun

alicastrum [alicastri] noun
(2nd) N

early-ripening variety of emmer (wheat) noun

summer-spelt (L+S) noun

apiastrum [apiastri] noun
(2nd) N

one or more varieties of balm (plant of which bees like) noun

wild parsley (L+S) noun

asinastrus [asinastra, asinastrum] adjective

variety of fig (feminine adjective) adjective

canaster [canastra, canastrum] adjective

grizzled adjective

half-gray adjective

castrum [castri] noun
(2nd) N

(fortified) town noun

army noun

camp (pl.), military camp/field noun

castrum noun

day's march noun

fort/fortress noun

war service noun

claudaster [claudastra, claudastrum] adjective

little lame adjective

emplastrum [emplastri] noun
(2nd) N

piece of bark used in budding, "shield"/"scutcheon" noun

plaster/bandage noun

halicastrum [halicastri] noun
(2nd) N

early -ripening variety of emmer (wheat) noun

mentastrum [mentastri] noun
(2nd) N

wild mint (Pliny) noun

rastrum [rastri] noun
(2nd) N

drag-hoe noun

recalvaster [recalvastra, recalvastrum] adjective

bald in front adjective

that has a bald forehead adjective

seliquastrum [seliquastri] noun
(2nd) N

seat, kind of seat/stool noun

serperastrum [serperastri] noun
(2nd) N

bandages (pl.) or knee-splints noun

siliquastrum [siliquastri] noun
(2nd) N

seat, kind of seat/stool noun

surdaster [surdastra, surdastrum] adjective

somewhat deaf adjective