Hungarian-English dictionary » tudomására hoz meaning in English

tudomására hoz ige

apprize◼◼◼ verb
[UK: ə.ˈpraɪz] [US: ə.ˈpraɪz]

acquaint verb
[UK: ə.ˈkweɪnt] [US: ə.ˈkweɪnt]

apprise verb
[UK: ə.ˈpraɪz] [US: ə.ˈpraɪz]

impart verb
[UK: ɪm.ˈpɑːt] [US: ˌɪm.ˈpɑːrt]

tudomására hoz vknek (vmit) ige

apprise somebody of something verb
[UK: ə.ˈpraɪz ˈsʌm.bə.di əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: ə.ˈpraɪz ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

let somebody know about something verb
[UK: let ˈsʌm.bə.di nəʊ ə.ˈbaʊt ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: ˈlet ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ˈnoʊ ə.ˈbaʊt ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

make somebody aware of something verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ˈsʌm.bə.di ə.ˈweə(r) əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: ˈmeɪk ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ə.ˈwer əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

make something known to somebody verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ˈsʌm.θɪŋ nəʊn tuː ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈmeɪk ˈsʌm.θɪŋ ˈnoʊn ˈtuː ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

post somebody up with something verb
[UK: pəʊst ˈsʌm.bə.di ʌp wɪð ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: poʊst ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di ʌp wɪθ ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

vknek előzetesen tudomására hoz (vmt)

pre-acquaint[UK: pre ə.ˈkweɪnt] [US: ˈpriː ə.ˈkweɪnt]

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