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dzień înseamnă în Engleză


before darkbefore night begins to fall

dzień noun

Anzac Daynoun
public holiday in Australia and New Zealand on April 25

part of a day period which one spends at one's job, school, etc.

period between sunrise and sunset

period from midnight to the following midnight

period of 24 hours

rotational period of a planet

the time of daylight

dzień dobry

good afternoongreeting said in the afternoon

good daygreeting between sunrise and sunset

dzień dobry interjection

good morninginterjection
when seeing someone for the first time in the morning


Dzień Dziękczynienia noun

Thanksgiving Day

dzień i noc adverb

day and nightadverb
all the time

dzień jak co dzień adjective

all in a day's workadjective
a nonchalant dismissal of a significant accomplishment.

dzień kobiet noun

International Women's Daynoun
holiday celebrated on March 8

Dzień Liczby Pi noun

Pi Daynoun
March 14th, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi)

Dzień Matki noun

Mother's Daynoun
a day in honor of one's mother or all mothers, on whichever day

dzień meczowy noun

match daynoun
day with a sporting event

Dzień Niepodległości noun

Independence Daynoun
annual celebration

Dzień Ojca noun

Father's Daynoun
holiday in celebration of fatherhood

dzień otwarty noun

open daynoun
casual event where an institution is open for inspection by anyone interested

Dzień Pański noun

Lord's Daynoun
Lord's Day

dzień po dniu

day by day

dzień po dniu adverb

day in, day outadverb
day in, day out

dzień roboczy noun

day of the week, excluding weekends

working daynoun
day of a week in which work is done

dzień skupienia

day of recollection

dzień sądu noun

day of reckoningnoun
the final and eternal judgment by God

judgement daynoun
Last Judgement

Dzień Sądu noun

Last Judgmentnoun
judgment day

Dzień Sądu Ostatecznego noun

day when God is expected to judge the world

dzień trzech wiedźm

triple witching day

triple witching hour

dzień w dzień adverb

day after dayadverb
For an indefinite number of days

dzień wypłaty noun

day on which an employee's salary is paid

dzień za dniem adverb

day after dayadverb
For an indefinite number of days

Dzień Zaduszny noun

All Souls' Daynoun
Christian feast day

Dzień Zakochanych

Valentine's Day

Dzień Zwycięstwa noun

Victory Daynoun
a day to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history