Condiţii de utilizare a dicţionarului

Effective: From March 29, 2017

Created by: Dr. Klaudia Makó, Attorney at Law 1062 Budapest, Andrássy Street 124.



1. Operator, Users

The operator of the website (including the website and all its subpages, hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is Lutischán Melinda E.V. (2243, Kóka, Legelő Street 33., hereinafter referred to as the "Operator").

Users of the website are subject to these terms of use and are obliged to comply with these terms as well as the applicable laws at all times when using it.

By using the Website, the user simultaneously accepts these terms of use, without any further declaration or action.

2. Scope of the Terms of Use:

The terms of use apply to all users of the Website. Any action related to visiting the Website, using the search function, and other services is considered as usage. The terms of use automatically extend to users of the Website without any separate declaration.

These Terms of Use apply to all uses of the Website, regardless of the duration of use, even if it is for a short period of time.

3. General Provisions for Users

The operator provides its services exclusively to individuals who have legal capacity. If a user is not considered fully capable due to age or other factors, their legal representative assumes full responsibility for their activities, as presumed in accordance with the Civil Code. In accordance with the rules of the Civil Code, the operator assumes the consent of the legal representative.

Users acknowledge that the websites operated by the operator temporarily record IP addresses for statistical purposes, but they are not linked to the identity of website visitors.

In order to provide customized service, the operator places a small data package on the user's computer (a so-called "cookie" or "local storage") for the purpose of providing the highest quality operation of the respective page, to enhance the user experience. Users can delete the placed data from their computer or set their browser to block its use. By blocking the use of such data, users acknowledge that the operation of the respective page will not be fully functional.

The operator's system may collect data about the activities of users, which cannot be linked to other data provided by users or data generated when using other websites or services.

Some services are supported by advertising revenue, and advertisements and promotions may appear. These advertisements may target the content stored in the services; through the services or other information queries. Companies displaying ads may use certain data about the user's visits to this and other websites for the purpose of providing information about goods and services through ads.

The method and extent of advertising on DictZone Services may change without prior notice.

In consideration of DictZone providing the user access to and use of the services, the user agrees that DictZone may place such advertising on the services.

The operator may cooperate with external service providers during the use of certain services (e.g., Facebook Inc., Google Inc., Gemius, hereinafter: "External Service Providers"). Regarding the data provided in the systems of External Service Providers, their own data protection guidelines apply in terms of the data specified there. The use of the Google Analytics software does not record data suitable for personal identification. The Analytics data management policy can be found here: For more information about Gemius cookie management:

Please note that the connection between the user's computer and the server providing the website's operation takes place on the public Internet network. If a secure data connection is not established before disclosing personal data, the communication is unprotected from a data security perspective. The operator does not assume responsibility for any inconvenience and damage resulting from this.

4. Copyright and Civil Law Provisions

The operator operates a language website on which various dictionaries have been placed to help users learn languages and use foreign languages. In addition to this, various continuously developed textual and audio dictionaries are available on the website. Users can also make suggestions through the website's interface for improving the dictionaries, using certain words, and improving their meanings.

The Website and its content are the exclusive property and intellectual product of the operator, which qualifies as a composite work under copyright law. Users, by accepting these terms of use, acknowledge that they do not acquire any usage rights or ownership rights to the dictionaries on the Website or any of its elements.

In the event that a user participates in editing dictionaries (occasionally or permanently), they acknowledge that in this case, they do not acquire any copyright or usage rights to the Website, any of its elements, or the dictionaries published on the Website.

The Website is protected by copyright law. The totality of copyright and related rights and rights serving their protection are entitled to the operator, and beyond reading, displaying on the screen, and the temporary multiple copying required for this, as well as saving and printing to a hard disk for personal non-commercial purposes, no other form of use or utilization can be done without the prior written consent of the operator.

The user acknowledges that they may use the Website, its content elements, and dictionaries published on the Website exclusively for personal purposes. It is prohibited to publish, duplicate, make available elsewhere, on another website, or offline, etc., the Website or any of its elements and dictionaries. Any such unauthorized use entails civil and criminal consequences in all cases.

The user is entitled to use the name "DictZone," the DictZone logo, to refer to DictZone (e.g., in newspapers, news), but any reference to DictZone must not create the illusion of non-existent cooperation or contain negative advertising.

Violation of the provisions in this section entails an obligation to pay a penalty of an enforced amount of HUF 1,000,000, and in addition to this, the operator is entitled to claim its damage exceeding this amount from the infringing user.

The services provided on the Website are free of charge.

If the operator becomes aware that there is infringing information within the framework of the Services, it will act in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legal regulations regarding the removal of the information or the denial of access.

The operator may remove/modify the content of the Website at any time, including the pre-notification modification or deletion of the content of the dictionaries.

5. Data Protection Provisions

The operator declares that it does not collect or store personal data of users and handles all data related to users confidentially, in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.

The operator declares that it does not share the personal data of users with third parties, except as provided by law.

Users can object to the processing of their personal data at the following email address:

The operator is obliged to promptly investigate such a complaint, and if it finds it justified, to delete the personal data within 30 days. If the operator does not fulfill this obligation or if the user considers the data processing to be unfair, they may file a complaint with the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.

6. Liability

The operator does not assume any responsibility for the contents edited and published by users. Users are responsible for the contents they publish and are obliged to provide assurance to the operator that the information and materials they publish or share do not infringe the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights of third parties. The same applies to links published by users on the Website.

Despite the highest editorial care, errors may occur in the content of the Website, for which the operator does not assume any responsibility and cannot be held liable for damages. Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy and timeliness of the published information.

The operator strives to ensure that the Website is continuously accessible and operational, but temporary interruptions or outages may occur for various reasons. The operator excludes any liability for any user damage resulting from such an outage. Users acknowledge that the operator does not assume any liability for the damages caused to them as a result of such an outage.

7. User Responsibility

Users are responsible for their behavior on the Website and for the information they provide. When using the Website, users are obliged to comply with these terms of use and the laws of Hungary. When using the Website and communicating with the operator, the user:

  • shall not share information or intellectual property that infringes the rights of third parties,
  • shall not post or use expressions that violate the personality rights of certain defined groups of people and constitute a criminal offense (a.k.a. incitement to hatred),
  • shall not commit a criminal offense with their comments,
  • shall not use the Website for spamming,
  • shall not identify the Website or any of its elements and dictionaries as their own anywhere,
  • shall not launch a hacker attack against the Website – such actions will entail criminal consequences in all cases.

The user ensures that the electronic content they publish or share is free from viruses, trojans, or any other components that could disrupt the operation of the Website or be suitable for this purpose.

If any user violates the provisions contained herein or other legal requirements, the operator may apply legal consequences depending on the seriousness of the violation, ranging from the suspension of the user to criminal charges.

The contents edited and edited by users, such as words, expressions, texts, etc., are freely accessible to the general public on the Website. Users acknowledge that the operator is entitled to publish and use any content submitted by the user in dictionaries, and therefore the user is not entitled to any copyright claims or other usage rights in this respect. Users acknowledge, however, that the operator is not obliged to use the content, word, expression, etc. submitted or shared by them.

8. Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

These terms of use shall enter into force today, and issues not regulated herein shall be governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code and the Copyright Act.

By using the Website, the user acknowledges and accepts these Terms of Use simultaneously.

The operator enforces the penalty and other claims at the competent ordinary courts.

Please note that the content of the Terms of Use announced on this website may change from time to time!