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kikerekít ige

round◼◼◼ verb
[UK: ˈraʊnd] [US: ˈraʊnd]

make round verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ˈraʊnd] [US: ˈmeɪk ˈraʊnd]

make up verb
[UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp] [US: ˈmeɪk ʌp]

round out verb
[UK: ˈraʊnd ˈaʊt] [US: ˈraʊnd ˈaʊt]

kikerekít egy mondatot

give roundness to a sentence[UK: ɡɪv ˈraʊnd.nəs tuː ə ˈsen.təns] [US: ˈɡɪv ˈraʊnd.nəs ˈtuː ə ˈsen.təns]

kikerekített melléknév

rounded-off◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈraʊnd.ɪd ɒf] [US: ˈraʊnd.ɪd ˈɒf]

kikerekíti az összeget

make up the even money[UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp ðə ˈiːv.n̩ ˈmʌ.ni] [US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ðə ˈiːv.n̩ ˈmʌ.ni]

make up the odd money[UK: ˈmeɪk ʌp ðə ɒd ˈmʌ.ni] [US: ˈmeɪk ʌp ðə ˈɑːd ˈmʌ.ni]

kikerekítés főnév

rounding-off noun
[UK: ˈraʊnd.ɪŋ ɒf] [US: ˈraʊnd.ɪŋ ˈɒf]

szépen kikerekített melléknév

well-rounded adjective
[UK: wel ˈraʊnd.ɪd] [US: ˈwel ˈraʊnd.ɪd]

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