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csekélység főnév

trifle◼◼◼ noun
[UK: ˈtraɪ.fəl] [US: ˈtraɪ.fəl]

jot◼◻◻ noun
[UK: dʒɒt] [US: ˈdʒɑːt]

trifling◼◻◻ noun
[UK: ˈtraɪf.l̩.ɪŋ] [US: ˈtraɪf.l̩.ɪŋ]

bagatelle noun
[UK: ˌbæ.ɡə.ˈtel] [US: ˌbæ.ɡə.ˈtel]

doit noun
[UK: dɔɪt] [US: dɔɪt]

fewness noun
[UK: ˈfjuː.nəs] [US: ˈfjuː.nəs]

gry noun
[UK: ɡrˈaɪ] [US: ɡrˈaɪ]

iota noun
[UK: aɪ.ˈəʊ.tə] [US: aɪˈo.ʊ.tə]

paucity noun
[UK: ˈpɔː.sɪ.ti] [US: ˈpɒ.sə.ti]

pettiness noun
[UK: ˈpe.tɪ.nəs] [US: ˈpe.ti.nəs]

smack noun
[UK: smæk] [US: ˈsmæk]

toy noun
[UK: tɔɪ] [US: ˌtɔɪ]

trivialness noun
[UK: ˈtrɪvɪəlnəs ] [US: ˈtrɪviəlnəs ]


my humble self[UK: maɪ ˈhʌm.bl̩ self] [US: ˈmaɪ ˈhʌm.bl̩ ˈself]

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