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better înseamnă în Spaniolă

better (comparative of the adjectives good or well)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r)]
[US: ˈbe.tər]

mejoradjectiveI am better. = Soy mejor.

better (comparative of the adverb well)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r)]
[US: ˈbe.tər]

mejoradverbI am better. = Soy mejor.

This old building has seen better days. = Este edificio ha visto mejores días.

better [bettered, bettering, betters] (to improve)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r)]
[US: ˈbe.tər]

mejorarverbHe will get better little by little. = Mejorará poco a poco.

well [better, best] (in good health)
[UK: wel]
[US: ˈwel]


better half (spouse or lover)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r) hɑːf]
[US: ˈbe.tər ˈhæf]

media naranjanoun

better late than never (it's better to do something late, than to never do it at all)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r) leɪt ðæn ˈne.və(r)]
[US: ˈbe.tər ˈleɪt ˈðæn ˈne.vər]

más vale tarde que nuncaadverb

nunca es tarde si la dicha es buenaadverb

better safe than sorry (it is preferable to be cautious)
[UK: ˈbe.tə(r) seɪf ðæn ˈsɒ.ri]
[US: ˈbe.tər ˈseɪf ˈðæn ˈsɑː.ri]

más vale prevenir que curarphrase

más vale prevenir que lamentarsephrase

better the devil you know than the devil you don't know (something bad and familiar is better than something bad and unknown)

más vale diablo conocido que por conocerphrase

más vale malo conocido que bueno por conocerphrase

better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness (in bad times it is worthwhile to do good)

es mejor encender una sola vela que maldecir a la penumbraphrase

betterment (an improvement)
[UK: ˈbe.tə.mənt]
[US: ˈbe.tər.mənt]


are you feeling better (familiar)

¿estás mejor?phrase

for better or worse (No matter what the future may hold)
[UK: fɔː(r) ˈbe.tə(r) ɔː(r) wɜːs]
[US: ˈfɔːr ˈbe.tər ɔːr ˈwɝːs]

a las duras y a las maduraspreposition

en la fortuna y en la adversidadpreposition

en las buenas y en las malaspreposition

had better (should; ought to; must)

valer másverb

half a loaf is better than none phrase

a falta de panphrase

a mucha hambrephrase

a pan de quince díasphrase

buenas son tortasphrase

hambre de tres semanasphrase

no hay pan durophrase

make a better door than a window verb

la carne de burro no es transparenteverb

two heads are better than one (joint thinking pays)
[UK: ˈtuː hedz ə(r) ˈbe.tə(r) ðæn wʌn]
[US: ˈtuː ˈhedz ˈɑːr ˈbe.tər ˈðæn wʌn]

cuatro ojos ven más que dosphrase

dos cabezas piensan mejor que unaphrase

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