słownik węgiersko-angielski » hajóra száll w języku angielskim

hajóra száll

come on board◼◼◼[UK: kʌm ɒn bɔːd] [US: ˈkəm ɑːn ˈbɔːrd]

board[UK: bɔːd] [US: ˈbɔːrd]

come on deck[UK: kʌm ɒn dek] [US: ˈkəm ɑːn ˈdek]

embark verb
[UK: ɪm.ˈbɑːk] [US: em.ˈbɑːrk]

go aboard[UK: ɡəʊ ə.ˈbɔːd] [US: ˈɡoʊ ə.ˈbɔːrd]

go on board[UK: ɡəʊ ɒn bɔːd] [US: ˈɡoʊ ɑːn ˈbɔːrd]

go on deck[UK: ɡəʊ ɒn dek] [US: ˈɡoʊ ɑːn ˈdek]

put out to sea[UK: ˈpʊt ˈaʊt tuː siː] [US: ˈpʊt ˈaʊt ˈtuː ˈsiː]

put to sea[UK: ˈpʊt tuː siː] [US: ˈpʊt ˈtuː ˈsiː]

ship[UK: ʃɪp] [US: ˈʃɪp]

hajóra szállni ige

embark verb
[UK: ɪm.ˈbɑːk] [US: em.ˈbɑːrk]

hajóra szállás főnév

embarkation noun
[UK: ˌem.bɑːˈk.eɪʃ.n̩] [US: ˌembarˈk.eɪʃ.n̩]

hajóraszállás főnév

boarding noun
[UK: ˈbɔːd.ɪŋ] [US: ˈbɔːrd.ɪŋ]

újra hajóra száll

re-embark[UK: riː ɪm.ˈbɑːk] [US: ˈreɪ em.ˈbɑːrk]

reship verb
[UK: ˌriːˈʃɪp ] [US: ˈrɪʃɪp ]

újra hajóra szállás

re-embarkation[UK: riː ˌem.bɑːˈk.eɪʃ.n̩] [US: ˈreɪ ˌembarˈk.eɪʃ.n̩]

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