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apropó főnév

apropos◼◼◼ noun
[UK: ˌæ.prə.ˈpəʊ] [US: ˌæ.prəˈpo.ʊ]

by the way adverb
[UK: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ] [US: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ]

by-the-way noun
[UK: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ] [US: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ]

Apropó! indulatszó

By the bye! interjection
[UK: baɪ ðə baɪ] [US: baɪ ðə baɪ]

By the way! interjection
[UK: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ] [US: baɪ ðə ˈweɪ]

That reminds me! interjection
[UK: ðæt rɪ.ˈmaɪndz miː] [US: ˈðæt ri.ˈmaɪndz ˈmiː]

apropó, erről jut eszembe

by the by[UK: baɪ ðə baɪ] [US: baɪ ðə baɪ]

vmnek az apropóján

apropos of something[UK: ˌæ.prə.ˈpəʊ əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: ˌæ.prəˈpo.ʊ əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

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