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lifetime betyder på franska

lifetime [lifetimes] (duration of the life of someone or something)
[UK: ˈlaɪf.taɪm]
[US: ˈlaɪf.ˌtaɪm]

vie (persons)◼◼◼nom [f]

durée de vie (objects)◼◼◻nom [f]

lifetime [lifetimes] (informal, hyperbolic: a long period of time)
[UK: ˈlaɪf.taɪm]
[US: ˈlaɪf.ˌtaɪm]

éternité◼◼◻nom [f]

cent sept ansnom [m pl]

lifetime job (A job for one's whole career)

emploi à vie◼◼◼nom [m]

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime (more worthwhile to teach someone than do it for them)

Donne un poisson à un homme◼◼◼phrase

il mangera toute sa vie.◼◼◻phrase

il mangera un jour. Apprends-lui à pêcher◼◼◻phrase

of a lifetime preposition

du siècle◼◼◼preposition

once-in-a-lifetime (Likely to happen only once in one's lifetime)

qui ne se présente qu'une fois◼◼◼adjectif

du siècle◼◼◻adjectif