Angličtina-Dothraki slovník » horse meaning in Dothraki

horse noun

hrazef noun

Horse Gate noun

Emrakh Hrazefi noun
[emɾax hɾazefi]

horse lord noun

vezhak noun

"shh", sound used to calm a horse or a child interjection

affa interjection

breed of horse with reddish/brown coat noun

tehin noun

chatterbox, one who sounds like horses hooves noun

fredrik noun

chestnut horse noun

nozho noun

dapple horse noun

fansa noun

dark bay horse noun

cheyao noun

dun horse noun

ocha noun

gallop fast enough to kill a horse, if prolonged noun

karlinqoyi noun

giddyup! (horse command) interjection

hosh interjection

Great Stallion (horse deity) noun

Vezhof noun

halt! (horse command) interjection

soroh interjection

herd of wild horses, "traffic" noun

hrazefeser noun

mustang, a horse that used to be tame noun

hrazef chafi noun
[hɾazef t͡ʃafi]

palomino horse noun

qahlan noun

perlino horse noun

messhih noun

steed, one's own horse noun

sajo noun

The sound of horse hooves on dirt noun

fredri noun

to break a horse verb

vishaferat verb

to charge a horse verb

gorat verb

to rein, to check or guide a horse with the reins verb

javrathat verb

to ride (With horse, steed or my horse, my steed) verb

dothralat verb

to run (with horse as subject) verb

fredrilat verb

to walk (horse gait) verb

onqothat verb

whoa! (horse command) interjection

affa interjection

young male horse noun

manin noun

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