дотхраки-английский словарь » th meaning in английский

th verb

(elided version, see eth|eth) verb

thagwa noun

yogurt made from mare’s milk noun

thagwash noun

a dessert made from thagwa|thagwa and eaten with dried fruit noun

thash adjective

soft adjective

thave noun

marmot noun

thelis adjective

blue adjective

theya noun

nipple noun

theyaven adjective

pink adjective

thi noun

ten noun

thif adjective

narrow adjective

thikh noun

task noun

thimalat verb

to leak verb

thir adjective

alive adjective

thirat atthiraride verb
[θiɾat aθθiɾaɾide]

to dream; (lit.) to live a wooden life verb

thirolat verb

survive verb

thom noun

juice noun

addothralat verb

to convey, to transport someone verb

akatthi numeral

twelve numeral

ammithrat verb

to rest verb

annithat verb

to cause pain, to hurt verb

annithilat verb

to encourage, to invigorate, to entice verb

arthasat verb

to fall verb

arthasolat verb

to fall verb

asfavirzeth noun

cranberry noun

ath adjective

dry adjective

athaddrivar noun

fatality noun

athahhaqar noun

frustration noun

athaozar noun

depths, deep noun

athasar noun

wasteland noun

athastokhdeveshizar noun

nonsense noun

athayozar noun

waiting noun

athchilar noun

limit, lay, expanse noun

athchomar noun

respect, reverence noun

athchomar chomakea [aθt͡ʃomaɾ t͡ʃomakea]

"respect to those that are respectful" A greeting. (Said to a group of people.)

athdarinar noun

lameness noun

athdavrazar noun

usefulness (also means 'good' or 'excellent' when used as an exclamation) noun

athdikar noun

speed noun

athdisizar noun

comfort, simplicity noun

athdrivar noun

death noun

athdrivar shekhi noun
[aθdɾivar ʃexi]

sunset noun


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