дотхраки-английский словарь » m meaning in английский

m [m]

(elided version, see ma|ma) preposition

(elided version of 'me-', a complementizer used to introduce subordinate clauses) prefix

m'ach interjection

hi (a shortened version of 'm'athchomaroon') interjection

m'ath interjection

hi (a shortened version of 'm'athchomaroon') interjection

m'athchomaroon [maθt͡ʃomaɾoon]

"with respect" said in greeting

ma [ma]

and conjunction

with preposition

madat verb

to sew verb

mae noun

him, her, it noun

his, her, hers, its noun

maegi noun

sorceress, witch noun

mafo noun

young goat, kid noun

mahrazh noun

man, short form of mahrazhkem for 'husband' noun

mahrazhkem noun

husband noun

mai noun

mother noun

majin conjunction

and then, then, so, and so, consequently conjunction

malilat verb

to be finished verb

manimven adjective

anxious adjective

manin noun

young male horse noun

marilat verb

to construct verb

marriya noun

tool noun

mas noun

valuable noun

mattek noun

limper [insult] noun

mattelat verb

to limp verb

mawizzi noun

rabbit noun

me noun

he, she, it noun

me orzo! [me oɾzo]

Its a trap!

mehas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ha|ha) noun

mek noun

five noun

mekak numeral

fifth numeral

mekis noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ki|ki) noun

mekken numeral

five hundred (500) numeral

mekthi numeral

fifteen numeral

mel adjective

bad, evil adjective

melat verb

to be evil verb

melikh noun

occurence noun

melikheya noun

the patient's half of the act noun

mem noun

sound noun

memas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ma|ma) noun

memat verb

to make sound verb


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