дотхраки-английский словарь » k meaning in английский

k preposition

(elided version, see ki|ki) preposition

kadat verb

to capture, to wrangle, to corral verb

kade noun

net noun

kadikh noun

untamed captured animal noun

kafat verb

to smash verb

kafe noun

pestle noun

kaffat verb

to crush verb

kane noun

lark noun

karlina noun

a distance of about mile, galloped in one 'leshitof' noun

karlina Valeri noun
[kaɾlina Valeri]

"kilometer (measure)" noun

karlinat verb

to gallop verb

to gallop beside verb

karlinqoyi noun

gallop fast enough to kill a horse, if prolonged noun

kartat verb

to pull with both hands verb

kartolat verb

to pull with other means than with arms (can be used of inanimate subjects) verb

kash conjunction

while, when, during, until, then conjunction

kashat verb

to last verb

kashi noun

time noun

kathjilari adjective

right, rightfully adjective

kathqoyi noun

weighted net noun

kazga adjective

black adjective

kelen adjective

patterned, orderly adjective

kem adjective

conjoined, married adjective

kemak noun

spouse noun

kemat verb

to conjoin, to marry (someone to someone else, the latter is preceded by /ma/) verb

kemik noun

ally noun

kemis noun

dried fig noun

kemisolat verb

to ally with someone (use the preposition ma) verb

kemolat verb

to marry someone (use the preposition ma) verb

ken noun

hundred noun

kenak noun

hundredth noun

kendra noun

opal noun

kerikh noun

stick noun

kesselat verb

to carry verb

kha noun

a personal bodyguard noun

khado noun

body noun

khadokh noun

corpse noun

khal noun

title used for the leader of a Dothraki horde, king noun

khalakka noun

prince, son of a khal noun

khalakki noun

princess, daughter of a khal noun


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