дотхраки-английский словарь » h meaning in английский

h preposition

(elided version, see ha) preposition

ha preposition

for preposition

from preposition

ha nakhaan adjective
[ha naxaan]

finally, last, ultimately adjective

hadaen noun

food noun

hador noun

gust of wind noun

haesh noun

spawn noun

haesh rakhi noun
[haeʃ raxi]

Lamb Men, Lhazareen "lit. spawn of lamb" noun

haf adjective

soft, quiet adjective

haj adjective

strong adjective

haje adjective

right (direction) adjective

hajekh noun

right side noun

haji preposition

(default preposition for foreign words that don't decline) preposition

because of, on account of preposition

hajinaan conjunction

because (followed by prefix 'me-') conjunction

hajolat verb

to grow strong verb

hake noun

name noun

hakelat verb

to name something verb

hakeso adjective

famous adjective

halah noun

flower noun

halahi noun

tree that can blossom noun

Halahisir noun

The Arbor noun

hale interjection

hey (exclamation) interjection

hammi noun

yak noun

hanna noun

rose noun

haqat verb

to be tired verb

haqe adjective

tired adjective

haqeqqe adjective

exhausted adjective

haqolat verb

to grow tired verb

has adjective

sharp adjective

hash [haʃ]

do (question word)

if...then; when...then conjunction

hash yer ray nesi? [haʃ jeɾ raj nesi]

Did you know?

hatif [hatif]

face noun

from front of, from before preposition

in front of, before preposition

to front of, to before preposition

havazh noun

sea noun

Havazh Dothraki noun
[havaʒ doθɾaki]

Dothraki Sea noun

Havazzhifi Kazga noun
[havaʒʒifi kazga]

Black Salt Sea noun


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