венгерский-английский словарь » nagyon meaning in английский

nagyon határozószó

very◼◼◼ adverb
[UK: ˈver.i] [US: ˈver.i]

very (to a high degree)◼◼◼ adverb
[UK: ˈver.i] [US: ˈver.i]

badly◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: ˈbæd.li] [US: ˈbæd.li]

extremely◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: ɪk.ˈstriːm.li] [US: ɪk.ˈstriːm.li]

far◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: ˈfɑː(r)] [US: ˈfɑːr]

highly◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: ˈhaɪ.li] [US: ˈhaɪ.li]

most◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: məʊst] [US: moʊst]

much◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: ˈmʌtʃ] [US: ˈmʌtʃ]

quite◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: kwaɪt] [US: ˈkwaɪt]

right◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: raɪt] [US: ˈraɪt]

too◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: tuː] [US: ˈtuː]

well◼◼◻ adverb
[UK: wel] [US: ˈwel]

a lot◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ə lɒt] [US: ə ˈlɑːt]

bloody◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈblʌ.di] [US: ˈblʌ.di]

dearly (very much)◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈdɪə.li] [US: ˈdɪr.li]

exceedingly◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ɪk.ˈsiː.dɪŋ.li] [US: ɪk.ˈsiː.dɪŋ.li]

full◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: fʊl] [US: ˈfʊl]

greatly◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈɡreɪt.li] [US: ˈɡreɪt.li]

heavily◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈhe.vɪ.li] [US: ˈhe.və.li]

high◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: haɪ] [US: ˈhaɪ]

immensely◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ɪ.ˈmen.sli] [US: ˌɪ.ˈmen.sli]

mightily◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈmaɪ.tɪ.li] [US: ˈmaɪ.tə.li]

mighty◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈmaɪ.ti] [US: ˈmaɪ.ti]

most of◼◻◻ adverb

severely◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: sɪ.ˈvɪə.li] [US: sə.ˈvɪr.li]

sore◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: sɔː(r)] [US: ˈsɔːr]

very much◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈver.i ˈmʌtʃ] [US: ˈver.i ˈmʌtʃ]

widely◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈwaɪd.li] [US: ˈwaɪd.li]

nagyon GB

jolly◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈdʒɒ.li] [US: ˈdʒɑː.li]

very good◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈver.i ɡʊd] [US: ˈver.i ˈɡʊd]

nagyon határozószó

plenty◼◻◻ adverb
[UK: ˈplen.ti] [US: ˈplen.ti]

nagyon határozószó

beastly adverb
[UK: ˈbiːst.li] [US: ˈbiːst.li]

confoundedly adverb
[UK: kən.ˈfaʊn.dɪd.li] [US: kən.ˈfaʊn.dɪd.li]

immortally adverb
[UK: ɪ.ˈmɔːt.l̩i] [US: ɪ.ˈmɔːr.tl̩i]

jolly well adverb
[UK: ˈdʒɒ.li wel] [US: ˈdʒɑː.li ˈwel]

like hell adverb
[UK: ˈlaɪk hel] [US: ˈlaɪk ˈhel]

much-to-be-pitied adverb
[UK: ˈmʌtʃ tuː bi ˈpɪ.tɪd] [US: ˈmʌtʃ ˈtuː bi ˈpɪ.ˌtid]

not a little adverb
[UK: nɒt ə ˈlɪt.l̩] [US: ˈnɑːt ə ˈlɪt.l̩]

nothing if not adverb
[UK: ˈnʌ.θɪŋ ɪf nɒt] [US: ˈnʌ.θɪŋ ˈɪf ˈnɑːt]

sorely adverb
[UK: ˈsɔː.li] [US: ˈsɔːr.li]


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