венгерский-английский словарь » holtbiztos! meaning in английский

holtbiztos melléknév

as sure as death adjective
[UK: əz ʃʊə(r) əz deθ] [US: ˈæz ˈʃʊr ˈæz ˈdeθ]

as sure as fate adjective
[UK: əz ʃʊə(r) əz feɪt] [US: ˈæz ˈʃʊr ˈæz ˈfeɪt]

as sure as rates adjective
[UK: əz ʃʊə(r) əz reɪts] [US: ˈæz ˈʃʊr ˈæz ˈreɪts]

cocksure adjective
[UK: ˌkɒk.ˈʃʊə(r)] [US: ˌkɒk.ˈʃʊər]

dead cert adjective
[UK: ded sɜːt] [US: ˈded sɝːt]

sure as shooting adjective
[UK: ʃʊə(r) əz ˈʃuːt.ɪŋ] [US: ˈʃʊr ˈæz ˈʃuːt.ɪŋ]

you bet your life adjective
[UK: juː ˈbet jɔː(r) laɪf] [US: ˈjuː ˈbet ˈjɔːr ˈlaɪf]

holtbiztos (átv) melléknév

sure-fire adjective
[UK: ʃʊə(r) ˈfaɪə(r)] [US: ˈʃʊr ˈfaɪər]

holtbiztos (vm) felől

be cock-sure about something[UK: bi ˈkɒk ʃʊə(r) ə.ˈbaʊt ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: bi ˈkɑːk ˈʃʊr ə.ˈbaʊt ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

be cock-sure of something[UK: bi ˈkɒk ʃʊə(r) əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ] [US: bi ˈkɑːk ˈʃʊr əv ˈsʌm.θɪŋ]

holtbiztos dolog

dead cert[UK: ded sɜːt] [US: ˈded sɝːt]

holtbiztos dolog (átv)

safe bet[UK: seɪf ˈbet] [US: ˈseɪf ˈbet]


Sure thing![UK: ʃʊə(r) ˈθɪŋ] [US: ˈʃʊr ˈθɪŋ]

holtbiztosra veszi

take it for a dead cert[UK: teɪk ɪt fɔː(r) ə ded sɜːt] [US: ˈteɪk ˈɪt ˈfɔːr ə ˈded sɝːt]

ez holtbiztos

it's a dead certainty[UK: ɪts ə ded ˈsɜːtn.ti] [US: ɪts ə ˈded ˈsɝː.tən.ti]

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