венгерский-английский словарь » hadakozik meaning in английский

hadakozik ige

battle◼◼◼ verb
[UK: ˈbæt.l̩] [US: ˈbæt.l̩]

fight (fought, fought)◼◼◼ verb
[UK: faɪt ˈfɔːt ˈfɔːt] [US: ˈfaɪt ˈfɔːt ˈfɔːt]
irregular verb: Infinitive[V1] (Simple Past[V2], Past Perfect[V3])

combat verb
[UK: ˈkɒm.bæt] [US: ˈkɑːm.bæt]

hadakozik vk ellen

do battle against somebody[UK: duː ˈbæt.l̩ ə.ˈɡenst ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈduː ˈbæt.l̩ ə.ˈɡenst ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

hadakozik vkiért

do battle for somebody[UK: duː ˈbæt.l̩ fɔː(r) ˈsʌm.bə.di] [US: ˈduː ˈbæt.l̩ ˈfɔːr ˈsʌm.ˌbɑː.di]

kézzel-lábbal hadakozik (vm ellen) (átv)

fight kicking and screaming[UK: faɪt ˈkɪk.ɪŋ ənd ˈskriːm.ɪŋ] [US: ˈfaɪt ˈkɪk.ɪŋ ænd ˈskriːm.ɪŋ]

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