венгерский-английский словарь » hányingere van meaning in английский

hányingere van

feel nauseated[UK: fiːl ˈnɔː.sɪeɪ.tɪd] [US: ˈfiːl ˈnɒ.zi.ˌe.təd]

feel queasy[UK: fiːl ˈkwiː.zi] [US: ˈfiːl ˈkwiː.zi]

feel sick[UK: fiːl sɪk] [US: ˈfiːl ˈsɪk]

feel squeamish[UK: fiːl ˈskwiː.mɪʃ] [US: ˈfiːl ˈskwiː.mɪʃ]

heave (heaved hove, heaved hove)[UK: hiːv hiːvd həʊv hiːvd həʊv] [US: ˈhiːv ˈhiːvd hoʊv ˈhiːvd hoʊv]

heave one's gorge[UK: hiːv wʌnz ɡɔːdʒ] [US: ˈhiːv wʌnz ˈɡɔːrdʒ]

keck[UK: ˈkek] [US: ˈkek]

nauseate verb
[UK: ˈnɔː.sɪeɪt] [US: ˈnɒ.zi.ˌet]

reach[UK: riːtʃ] [US: ˈriːtʃ]

retch[UK: retʃ] [US: retʃ]

turn sick[UK: tɜːn sɪk] [US: ˈtɝːn ˈsɪk]

enyhe hányingere van

feel sickish[UK: fiːl ˈsɪkɪʃ] [US: ˈfiːl ˈsɪkɪʃ]

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