английский-дотхраки словарь » i meaning in дотхраки

(pronominal version of a preposition, see vi|vi) noun

mevis noun

[[Idioms_and_Phrases#Specific_uses_for_words|"executioner" , person responsible for someones death]] noun

jaqqa noun

a dessert made from thagwa|thagwa and eaten with dried fruit noun

thagwash noun

a different thing noun

esinakh noun

a discussion noun

jerriya noun

a distance equal to approximately a quarter of a mile. noun

irvosa noun

a distance of about half mile, cantered in one leshitof|leshitof noun

chetira noun

a distance of about mile, galloped in one 'leshitof' noun

karlina noun

a distance of approximately one eighth mile. noun

onqotha noun

a film on top of a soup; cream noun

flas noun

a horde loyal to a single khal noun

khalasar noun

a little bit, a bit, a small amount, some adverb

zolle adverb

a lot, many times adverb

sanekhi adverb

a persons worth or ability, mettle, "soul" noun

oakah noun

a picture or a symbol depicted in a tattoo noun

lirikh noun

A Song of Ice and Fire noun

Hoyali Jeshi ma Vorsasi noun
[hojali d͡ʒeʃi ma voɾsasi]

about, concerning preposition

qisi preposition

absent, missing adjective

som adjective

advice noun

fonnoya noun

zhillie noun

again, back adverb

save adverb

alive adjective

thir adjective

all along, the whole time, from the beginning adverb

evoon adverb

an unnoticed and uncalled-for erection noun

fitteya noun

animal, beast noun

rhoa noun

animal carcass noun

dozgikh noun

animal mouth noun

hoska noun

animate noun noun

vekhikh asavva noun
[vexix asavva]

anxious adjective

manimven adjective

anxiousness noun

athmanimvenar noun

any grass-like ground cover noun

hranna noun

athlete, stud, (lit. strong-legged one) noun

rhaek noun

baby, infant noun

enta noun

bad, evil adjective

mel adjective

bank (of a river, lake or pond) noun

ejakh noun

bass (fish) noun

zhaqe noun

beat, rhythmic noise noun

oqo noun

beautiful (used for animate nouns) adjective

zheana adjective

beautiful (used for inanimate nouns) adjective

lain adjective

because (followed by prefix 'me-') conjunction

hajinaan conjunction


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