английский-дотхраки словарь » i meaning in дотхраки

I noun

anha noun

ibex noun

dorvof noun

ice noun

jesh noun

icy adjective

jeshven adjective

idol, icon noun

joro noun

if...then; when...then conjunction

hash conjunction

in front of, before preposition

hatif preposition

in spite of preposition

yomme preposition

inanimate noun noun

vekhikh hranna noun
[vexix hranna]

information noun

nesikh noun

intestines noun

gaoli noun

into preposition

mra preposition

introduction noun

asshie noun

iron noun

shiqethi noun

island noun

qile noun

Its a trap!

me orzo![me oɾzo]

"kilometer (measure)" noun

karlina Valeri noun
[kaɾlina Valeri]

"respect to those that are respectful" A greeting. (Said to a group of people.)

athchomar chomakea[aθt͡ʃomaɾ t͡ʃomakea]

"shh", sound used to calm a horse or a child interjection

affa interjection

"via point" noun

eleisosakh noun

"with respect" said in greeting


(default preposition for foreign words that don't decline) preposition

haji preposition

(elided version, see eth|eth) verb

th verb

(elided version, see ha) preposition

h preposition

(elided version, see ish|ish) verb

sh verb

(elided version, see ki|ki) preposition

k preposition

(elided version, see ma|ma) preposition

m preposition

(elided version, see mra|mra) preposition

mr preposition

(elided version, see vosma|vosma) conjunction

vosm conjunction

(elided version of 'me-', a complementizer used to introduce subordinate clauses) prefix

m prefix

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ha|ha) noun

mehas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see irge|irge) noun

mirges noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ki|ki) noun

mekis noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see ma|ma) noun

memas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see mra|mra) noun

memras noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see oleth|oleth) noun

molethas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see she|she) noun

meshes noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see torga|torga) noun

metorgas noun

(pronominal version of a preposition, see vi|vi) noun

mevis noun

[[Idioms_and_Phrases#Specific_uses_for_words|"executioner" , person responsible for someones death]] noun

jaqqa noun


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