Maďarčina-Angličtina slovník » felhangol meaning in Angličtina

felhangol ige

tune-up◼◼◻ verb
[UK: tjuːn ʌp] [US: ˈtuːn ʌp]

tuning-up◼◼◻ verb
[UK: ˈtjuːn.ɪŋ ʌp] [US: ˈtuːn.ɪŋ ʌp]

attune verb
[UK: ə.ˈtjuːn] [US: ə.ˈtuːn]

elate verb
[UK: ɪ.ˈleɪt] [US: ə.ˈleɪt]

key verb
[UK: kiː] [US: ˈkiː]

key up verb
[UK: kiː ʌp] [US: ˈkiː ʌp]

put in tune verb
[UK: ˈpʊt ɪn tjuːn] [US: ˈpʊt ɪn ˈtuːn]

string (strung, strung) verb
[UK: strɪŋ strʌŋ strʌŋ] [US: ˈstrɪŋ ˈstrəŋ ˈstrəŋ]
irregular verb: Infinitive[V1] (Simple Past[V2], Past Perfect[V3])

tone up verb
[UK: təʊn ʌp] [US: ˈtoʊn ʌp]

tune verb
[UK: tjuːn] [US: ˈtuːn]

tune up verb
[UK: tjuːn ʌp] [US: ˈtuːn ʌp]

felhangol (hangszert) ige

key verb
[UK: kiː] [US: ˈkiː]

nagyjából felhangol (zongorát)

rough up[UK: rʌf ʌp] [US: ˈrəf ʌp]

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