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one-way bedeutet auf Französisch

one-way (allowing travel in only one direction)
[UK: ˌwʌn.ˈweɪ]
[US: ˌwʌn.ˈweɪ]

aller simple◼◼◼adjectif

one-way (allowing movement in only one direction)
[UK: ˌwʌn.ˈweɪ]
[US: ˌwʌn.ˈweɪ]

à sens unique◼◼◼adjectif

one-way mirror (mirror that is transparent on one side)

miroir sans tain◼◼◼nom {m}

glace sans tain◼◻◻nom {f}

one way or another (somehow, but certainly)
[UK: wʌn ˈweɪ ɔː(r) ə.ˈnʌð.ə(r)]
[US: wʌn ˈweɪ ɔːr ə.ˈnʌð.r̩]

d'une manière ou d'une autre◼◼◼adverbe

one-way street (road in which traffic is only allowed to proceed in one direction)
[UK: wʌn ˈweɪ striːt]
[US: wʌn ˈweɪ ˈstriːt]

rue à sens unique◼◼◼nom {f}

one-way ticket (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place but not back)
[UK: wʌn ˈweɪ ˈtɪkɪt]
[US: wʌn ˈweɪ ˈtɪkət]

billet aller simple◼◼◼nom {m}

there's more than one way to skin a cat (a problem generally has more than one solution; there is more than one way to achieve a goal)

il y a plusieurs façons de plumer un canard (there are many methods to pluck a duck)◼◼◼phrase

tous les chemins mènent à Rome (all roads lead to Rome)phrase