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with bedeutet auf Dothraki

with preposition

ma preposition

within preposition

mra preposition

without preposition

oma preposition

"with respect" said in greeting


a dessert made from thagwa|thagwa and eaten with dried fruit noun

thagwash noun

breed of horse with reddish/brown coat noun

tehin noun

feast, gathering with a feast noun

vitteya noun

not, no; a shortened variant of 'vos', that may be used when the next word starts with a consonant. adverb

vo adverb

to ally with someone (use the preposition ma) verb

kemisolat verb

to get one’s first kill with a new weapon verb

vishaferat verb

to go along with verb

elat verb

to know (someone), to be familiar with verb

shilat verb

to play, to compete (a game that is played can be introuced with 'ki') verb

lajilat verb

to pull with both hands verb

kartat verb

to pull with other means than with arms (can be used of inanimate subjects) verb

kartolat verb

to rein, to check or guide a horse with the reins verb

javrathat verb

to ride (With horse, steed or my horse, my steed) verb

dothralat verb

to run (with horse as subject) verb

fredrilat verb

to speak with, to converse verb

vasterat verb

to start doing something (used with verb) verb

evat verb

to throw, to shoot (with bow) verb

ovvethat verb

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