Dothraki-Angličtina slovník » vo meaning in Angličtina

vo adverb

not, no; a shortened variant of 'vos', that may be used when the next word starts with a consonant. adverb

vod noun

dust noun

voj noun

person noun

vojjor noun

deity, god noun

vorsa noun

fire noun

vorsakh noun

flame noun

vorsaska noun

summer noun

vorsqoyi noun

funeral pyre noun

vorto noun

tooth noun

vos adverb

not, no, (negator) adverb

vosan adverb

not much, not a lot adverb

vosecchi adverb

emphatic negative, "of course not" adverb

vosi noun

nothing noun

vosm conjunction

(elided version, see vosma|vosma) conjunction

vosma conjunction

but conjunction

vov noun

weapon noun

avvos adverb

never adverb

devolat verb

to know how, to be able to verb

dorvof noun

ibex noun

dovoeddi noun

unsullied noun

drivolat verb

to die verb

to die from verb

evolat verb

to start verb

evoon adverb

all along, the whole time, from the beginning adverb

garvolat verb

to grow hungry verb

to hunger for verb

havolat verb

to move weakly verb

havon noun

bread noun

Hoyali Jeshi ma Vorsasi noun
[hojali d͡ʒeʃi ma voɾsasi]

A Song of Ice and Fire noun

irvosa noun

a distance equal to approximately a quarter of a mile. noun

irvosat verb

to trot verb

qovvolat verb

to shed verb

samvolat verb

to break (when something breaks) verb

shekh drivo noun
[ʃex dɾivo]

setting sun noun

zhavorsa noun

dragon (zhavvorsa|alternate pronunciation) noun

zhavvorsa noun

dragon (zhavorsa|alternate pronunciation) noun

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