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faragatlan melléknév

rude◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ruːd] [US: ˈruːd]

boorish◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ˈbʊə.rɪʃ] [US: ˈbʊ.rɪʃ]

rough◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: rʌf] [US: ˈrəf]

uncouth◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ʌnˈk.uːθ] [US: ˈənˈk.uːθ]

churlish◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈtʃɜː.lɪʃ] [US: ˈtʃɝː.ˌlɪʃ]

rustic◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈrʌ.stɪk] [US: ˈrʌ.stɪk]

agrestic adjective
[UK: aɡrˈestɪk] [US: æɡrˈestɪk]

earthy adjective
[UK: ˈɜː.θi] [US: ˈɝː.θi]

hairy-heeled adjective
[UK: ˈheə.ri hiːld] [US: ˈhe.ri ˈhiːld]

he's a bit hairy about the fetlocks adjective
[UK: hiːz ə bɪt ˈheə.ri ə.ˈbaʊt ðə ˈfet.lɒks] [US: hiz ə ˈbɪt ˈhe.ri ə.ˈbaʊt ðə ˈfet.lɑːks]

he's a bit hairy about the heels adjective
[UK: hiːz ə bɪt ˈheə.ri ə.ˈbaʊt ðə hiːlz] [US: hiz ə ˈbɪt ˈhe.ri ə.ˈbaʊt ðə ˈhiːlz]

homespun adjective
[UK: ˈhəʊm.spʌn] [US: ˈhoʊm.spʌn]

ill mannered adjective
[UK: ɪl ˈmæ.nəd] [US: ˈɪl ˈmæ.nərd]

ill-brought-up adjective
[UK: ɪl ˈbrɔːt ʌp] [US: ˈɪl ˈbrɔːt ʌp]

incondite adjective
[UK: ɪnˈk.ɒn.dɪt] [US: ɪnˈk.ɑːn.dɪt]

inelegant adjective
[UK: ˌɪn.ˈe.lɪ.ɡənt] [US: ˌɪn.ˈe.lɪ.ɡənt]

loutish adjective
[UK: ˈlaʊ.tɪʃ] [US: ˈlaʊ.tɪʃ]

misleared adjective
[UK: mɪslˈiəd] [US: mɪslˈɪrd]

rough-mannered adjective
[UK: rʌf ˈmæ.nəd] [US: ˈrəf ˈmæ.nərd]

rough-spoken adjective
[UK: rʌf ˈspəʊkən] [US: ˈrəf ˈspoʊkən]

roughish adjective
[UK: ˈrʌ.fɪʃ] [US: ˈrʌ.fɪʃ]

rugged adjective
[UK: ˈrʌ.ɡɪd] [US: ˈrʌ.ɡəd]

tacky adjective
[UK: ˈtæk.i] [US: ˈtæk.i]

unchiselled adjective
[UK: ˌʌnˈʧɪzld ] [US: ʌnˈʧɪzəld ]

uncut adjective
[UK: ˌʌnˈkʌt] [US: ˌʌnˈkət]

undressed adjective
[UK: ʌn.ˈdrest] [US: ʌn.ˈdrest]

unfashioned adjective
[UK: ˌʌnˈfæʃənd ] [US: ʌnˈfæʃənd ]

unframed adjective
[UK: ʌn.ˈfreɪmd] [US: ʌn.ˈfreɪmd]

unhewed adjective
[UK: ˌʌnˈhjuːd ] [US: ʌnˈhjud ]

unhewn adjective
[UK: ˈʌn.ˈhjuːn] [US: ˈʌn.ˈhjuːn]

unlicked adjective
[UK: ˌʌnˈlɪkt ] [US: ʌnˈlɪkt ]

unmannered adjective
[UK: ʌn.ˈmæ.nəd] [US: ʌn.ˈmæ.nəd]

unrefined adjective
[UK: ˌʌn.rɪ.ˈfaɪnd] [US: ˌʌn.ri.ˈfaɪnd]

faragatlan (átv) melléknév

chuff adjective
[UK: chuff] [US: chuff]

faragatlan (ember) melléknév

rough-hewn◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: rʌf hjuːn] [US: ˈrəf ˈhjuːn]

hind adjective
[UK: haɪnd] [US: ˈhaɪnd]

faragatlan (terméskő) melléknév

self-faced adjective
[UK: self feɪst] [US: ˈself ˈfeɪst]

faragatlan ember

backwoodsman, backwoodsmen[UK: ˈbæk.wʊdz.mən ˈbæk.wʊdz.mən] [US: ˈbæk.wʊdz.mən ˈbæk.wʊdz.mən]

boor noun
[UK: bʊə(r)] [US: ˈbʊr]

clod-hopper[UK: klɒd ˈhɒ.pə(r)] [US: ˈklɑːd ˈhɑː.pər]


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