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handsome◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈhæn.səm] [US: ˈhæn.səm]

pretty◼◼◼ adjective
[UK: ˈprɪ.ti] [US: ˈprɪ.ti]

cute◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: kjuːt] [US: ˈkjuːt]

good-looking◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: ɡʊd ˈlʊkɪŋ] [US: ˈɡʊd ˈlʊkɪŋ]

neat◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: niːt] [US: ˈniːt]

smart◼◼◻ adjective
[UK: smɑːt] [US: ˈsmɑːrt]

comely◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈkʌm.li] [US: ˈkʌm.li]

goodly◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈɡʊd.li] [US: ˈɡʊd.li]

lovely◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈlʌv.li] [US: ˈlʌv.li]

nice-looking◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: naɪs ˈlʊkɪŋ] [US: ˈnaɪs ˈlʊkɪŋ]

prim◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: prɪm] [US: ˈprɪm]

tidy◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: ˈtaɪ.di] [US: ˈtaɪ.di]

tight◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: taɪt] [US: ˈtaɪt]

trim◼◻◻ adjective
[UK: trɪm] [US: ˈtrɪm]

bawcock adjective
[UK: bˈɔːkɒk] [US: bˈɔːkɑːk]

bijou noun
[UK: ˈbiː.ʒuː] [US: ˈbiː.ʒuː]

bonnie adjective
[UK: ˈbɒ.ni] [US: ˈbɑː.ni]

crackajack adjective
[UK: ˈkrækəʤæk] [US: ˈkrækəʤæk]

crackerjack adjective
[UK: ˈkræk.ərˌ.dʒæk] [US: ˈkræk.ər.ˌdʒæk]

crummy adjective
[UK: ˈkrʌ.mi] [US: ˈkrʌ.mi]

cunning adjective
[UK: ˈkʌn.ɪŋ] [US: ˈkʌn.ɪŋ]

dinky adjective
[UK: ˈdɪŋk.i] [US: ˈdɪŋk.i]

easy on the eye adjective
[UK: ˈiː.zi ɒn ðə aɪ] [US: ˈiː.zi ɑːn ðə ˈaɪ]

easy to look at adjective
[UK: ˈiː.zi tuː lʊk ət] [US: ˈiː.zi ˈtuː ˈlʊk ət]

foxy adjective
[UK: ˈfɒk.si] [US: ˈfɑːk.si]

goodliness adjective
[UK: ˈgʊdlɪnəs ] [US: ˈgʊdlɪnəs ]

have good looks adjective
[UK: həv ɡʊd lʊks] [US: həv ˈɡʊd ˈlʊks]

jolly adjective
[UK: ˈdʒɒ.li] [US: ˈdʒɑː.li]

natty adjective
[UK: ˈnæ.ti] [US: ˈnæ.ti]

nifty adjective
[UK: ˈnɪf.ti] [US: ˈnɪf.ti]

personable adjective
[UK: ˈpɜː.sə.nəb.l̩] [US: ˈpɝː.sə.nəb.l̩]

pleasant-looking adjective
[UK: ˈpleznt ˈlʊkɪŋ] [US: ˈple.zənt ˈlʊkɪŋ]

proper adjective
[UK: ˈprɒ.pə(r)] [US: ˈprɑː.pər]

seemly adjective
[UK: ˈsiːm.li] [US: ˈsiːm.li]

she is not amiss adjective
[UK: ʃiː ɪz nɒt ə.ˈmɪs] [US: ˈʃiː ˈɪz ˈnɑːt ə.ˈmɪs]

she's got it adjective
[UK: ʃiːz ˈɡɒt ɪt] [US: ʃiz ˈɡɑːt ˈɪt]

sightly adjective
[UK: saɪt.li] [US: saɪt.li]

smug adjective
[UK: smʌɡ] [US: ˈsməɡ]

snug adjective
[UK: snʌɡ] [US: ˈsnəɡ]

spruce adjective
[UK: spruːs] [US: ˈspruːs]


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