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dobre znamená v Angličtina

dobre czasy noun

halcyon daysnoun
halcyon days

dobre i to adjective

better than nothingadjective
almost worthless

dobre maniery noun

good mannersnoun
treatment of other people with courtesy and politeness

dobre pytanie interjection

good questioninterjection

dobre samopoczucie noun

The quality or state of being in good health.

dobre wychowanie


dobrej zabawy! interjection

have funinterjection
wish someone a good time

ambasador dobrej woli

goodwill ambassador

mieć dobre intencje verb

have one's heart in the right placeverb
to have good intentions, to be well-intentioned

na dobre

for goodforever; permanently

na dobre i na złe

for better or worseNo matter what the future may hold

for good and for bad

through thick and thin

na dobre i na złe noun

thick and thinnoun
both good and bad times

na dobrej stopie

on good termsbeing friendly; having good relations

nie ma tego złego, co by na dobre nie wyszło

every cloud has a silver liningin every bad situation there is an element of good

prawo dobrego Samarytanina noun

Good Samaritan lawnoun
law that exempts from legal liability

Przylądek Dobrej Nadziei noun

Cape of Good Hopenoun
a cape in southwestern South Africa

w dobrej wierze

in good faith

wiedzieć o czymś z dobrego źródła verb

have something on good authorityverb

wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy

all's well that ends wellA happy ending makes up for everything that has gone before...

z dobrej i nieprzymuszonej woli

of one's own accordwithout being commanded or controlled

za dużo dobrego

too much of a good thing

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