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ortus meaning in English

ortus [ortus] noun
(4th) M

ancestry noun

beginning/dawning noun

coming into being noun

ortus noun

rising (sun/star) noun

source noun

springing up (wind) noun

sunrise, daybreak, dawn, east noun

the East noun

ortus [orta, ortum] adjective

descended/born/sprung (from w/ex/ab/ABL) adjective

orior [oriri, ortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

arise/emerge, crop up verb

be born of, descend/spring from verb

begin verb

get up (wake) verb

originate from verb

orior verb

proceed/be derived (from) verb

rise (sun/river) verb

abortus [abortus] noun
(4th) M

abortion noun

dead fetus noun

getting abortion noun

miscarriage noun

premature/untimely birth noun

aborior [aboriri, abortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

miscarry, be aborted verb

pass away, disappear, be lost verb

set (sun/planet/star) verb

absortus [absorta, absortum] adjective

= absorptus adjective

engulfing adjective

overwhelmed, swallowed up/engulfed/submerged/absorbed adjective

adorior [adoriri, adortus sum] verb
(4th) DEP

accost/address verb

adorior verb

assail/assault/attack, rise against (military/political/plague) verb

begin/set to work verb

undertake/try/attempt/come to grips verb

adtorqueo [adtorquere, adtorsi, adtortus] verb
(2nd) TRANS

hurl upwards verb

whirl at verb

aeriportus [aeriportus] noun
(4th) M

airport noun

angiportus [angiportus] noun
(4th) M

lane noun

narrow street, alley noun

chamaetortus [chamaetorta, chamaetortum] adjective

that creeps on ground (L+S) adjective


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