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meus meaning in English

meus [mea, meum] adjective

mine, of me, belonging to me adjective

my (personal possession) adjective

my own adjective

to me adjective

balsameus [balsamea, balsameum] adjective

balsamic adjective

of balsam (aromatic resin used as unguent/salve) adjective

cinnameus [cinnamea, cinnameum] adjective

of/from cinnamon (L+S) adjective

scented with/smelling of cinnamon adjective

culmeus [culmea, culmeum] adjective

of straw adjective

flammeus [flammea, flammeum] adjective

fiery red adjective

flaming, fiery adjective

fumeus [fumea, fumeum] adjective

smoky adjective

gemmeus [gemmea, gemmeum] adjective

set with precious stones adjective

palmeus [palmea, palmeum] adjective

hands-width adjective

palm-, of palm adjective

plumeus [plumea, plumeum] adjective

feathery, composed of or filled with feathers adjective

porthmeus [porthmeos/is] noun

Charon noun

ferryman noun

rameus [ramea, rameum] adjective

of a bough/boughs/sticks adjective

spumeus [spumea, spumeum] adjective

covered with foam adjective

foamy, frothy adjective

squameus [squamea, squameum] adjective

scaly adjective

ulmeus [ulmea, ulmeum] adjective

of elm adjective