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enim meaning in English

enim conjunction

for conjunction

I mean, for instance, that is to say conjunction

in fact conjunction

indeed conjunction

namely (postpos.) conjunction

enimvero conjunction

but, on the other hand conjunction

to be sure, certainly conjunction

well, upon by word conjunction

what is more conjunction

adlenimentum [adlenimenti] noun
(2nd) N

soothing remedy/relief noun

allenimentum [allenimenti] noun
(2nd) N

soothing remedy/relief noun

atenim conjunction

but/yet in spite of what has been said conjunction

but/yet nevertheless/all the same conjunction

batenim conjunction

but, yet, nevertheless, however conjunction

contemptuous parity of "atenim" - b-b-but conjunction

delenimentum [delenimenti] noun
(2nd) N

blandishment/enticement/charm noun

consolation noun

ingratiating/soothing action/quality noun

etenim conjunction

and indeed, because, since, as a matter of fact (independent reason, emphasis) conjunction

genimen [geniminis] noun
(3rd) N

brood (pl.) noun

product, fruit noun

progeny noun

lenimen [leniminis] noun
(3rd) N

alleviation, solace noun

lenimentum [lenimenti] noun
(2nd) N

alleviation, improvement, mitigation (Nelson) noun

sop (Collins) noun